Recession Causes Spanish to Sell Their Hair

It’s been reported that Spaniards who are struggling in the recession are selling their hair to help pay the bills. Justino Delgado, who exports natural hair to companies that make wigs and extensions, says he has seen a sharp rise in the number of people looking to sell their locks.

Justino Delgado Exports Hair & Has Seen a Rise in the Number of Spanish Selling Their Hair.Delgado started his business 50 years ago, traveling to villages to collect hair from women before he began to import larger quantities from Asia, mainly India and China. He says the hair can be worth between £45 and £135. "There are some women who have a lot of hair and, as the price depends on the length and the weight, they can get well paid for it," says Delgado.

In order to earn a buck from your hair, it must be more than 40cm (16 inches) long and never have been coloured. Delgado explains that sometimes people keep ponytails in their drawers for months but that these can still be of a good quality.

Delgado is glad at the growing trend in Spain as he says, "European hair is finer and very sought after, and sells for more than Asian hair for example," which is thicker. He currently has 90 tonnes of blond, brown and red braided locks in his warehouse; he exports about 80% of his stock mostly to the rest of Europe and to the USA.

The Recession Has Led to More Spanish Woman Selling Their Hair to Companies That Export Human Hair for the Production of Real Hair Extensions.Delgado’s business has benefited from the growing fashion among young women to wear hair extensions which is ironic as hair extensions are one of the causes of a type of hair loss called Traction Alopecia. This occurs when excessive tension is placed on the hair shaft. The growing trend for a volumous long-haired look, achieved by wearing extensions, has led to a number of female celebrities being photographed suffering from damaged hair and in some cases, hair loss. The Belgravia Centre treats all types of male and female hair loss and offers clients a free consultation where they will receive a diagnosis and advice on treatment options. In the case of Traction Alopecia, the hair often recovers on its own, if left alone. However, some people find that a course of hair loss treatments can help restore the hair growth faster and to its optimum level.

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