Reality TV Star Says Hair Transplant Gave Her Unnatural Hairline

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Whilst still very much in the minority, it seems to be a little known fact that women wanting to address their hair loss can have hair transplants as well as men.
Interest in surgical hair restoration among women is on the rise, but reality TV star, Maria Fowler provides a cautionary tale on not rushing into this type of procedure without proper research and preparation.
We had previously suspected Traction Alopecia caused by frequently wearing tight high ponytails and hair extensions, as the reason behind the former TOWIE star's first hair transplant. However, she has revealed that her reasons were cosmetic rather than due to her having a hair loss condition.
Traction Alopecia Contributing Factors DiagramIt appears she had wanted her hairline reshaped, or possibly lowered, but it ended up being a huge mistake.

Second hair transplant to correct unnatural hairline

Maria Fowler told the Daily Mail that after having her first hair transplant, she was left devastated and self-conscious by an unnatural looking hairline.
"The first clinic didn’t use selection techniques when it came to selecting the finer strands for my hairline, and as a result, I’ve spent the last nine months feeling awful... I completely regret it," she told the newspaper.
The 31 year old has just undergone a second hair transplant to correct the problems from her first op, which had been part of a His 'n' Hers deal she and her partner, BMX pro Kelvin Batey underwent in September 2017. She says his receding hairline now looks "OK", though hers required the second corrective surgery to give her resulting blunt hairline a more natural appearance.
After going through what is an undoubtedly stressful, not to mention expensive, process, with a further nine months or so of healing ahead of her, the mum of one wanted to encourage people to do their homework before considering hair restoration.
"I want to stress the importance of choosing the right clinic, people need to do their research and read reviews... I want people to take note and learn from my mistakes, there’s so many forums for hair loss, there’s a big community with people who are educated. You need to get the right advice because I was so naïve," Fowler warned Mail readers. This is extremely good advice and something we support wholeheartedly.

Women's hair loss treatment options

Andrea Twitter Traction Alopecia Female Pattern Hair Loss Treatment Success Story Tweet Belgravia Centre
For women seeking to change the natural shape of their hairline, surgery is currently the only option. But for those with thinning hair or receding caused by medical hair loss conditions, there are non-invasive solutions available.
How, or even if, a woman decides to deal with her hair loss is such a personal decision that it should not be rushed; it is so important that every client feels comfortable with how they want to proceed.
Hair specialists tend to advise anyone concerned about losing their hair, or experiencing sudden or excessive hair fall, to have a consultation. This can often - at the very least - provide the relief and reliable information that comes with getting a professional diagnosis, including understanding exactly what is happening and why. From there an appropriate hair loss treatment course can also be recommended.
Whilst starting treatment may be daunting for some, Belgravia clients often tell us that when they start to see results, it spurs them on to be extra diligent about using their treatment and hair growth supporting products. Many also cite having the constant support of dedicated hair experts who can answer any queries along the way as being a valuable part of their course.
As Female Pattern Hair Loss and Traction Alopecia treatment client Andrea tweeted along with the photo collage pictured, "I am speechless, from bald patches to healthy hair! Thanks @belgraviacentre now 15 months later, thanks Trinity [her personal Treatment Advisor], thanks belgravia centre, after years of trying everything."
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The Belgravia Centre

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Women's Hair Loss

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