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Question: Why do some people respond better than others to treatment?


Question: I was looking at the photo-scans taken of hair loss sufferers on your web. The results are very impressive. My question is why do some respond better than others to treatment, is this because the hair roots are dead or is it something else?

Confused about hair lossAnswer: It is difficult to say exactly why one person responds differently to another. I suppose each person’s follicles are affected differently by DHT – one person’s follicles may deteriorate quicker, resulting in restoration of the hair being more difficult.  With genetic hair loss the hair follicle shrinks over time which is why it is important to start treating the condition as early as possible in order for optimum regrowth to be achievable.

The choice of treatment is also a big factor. We find that clients who decide to use treatment courses consisting primarily of a combination of treatments experience the most regrowth. These are the two main factors that determine the success in addition to regular administration of the treatment.

Most people’s hair density will increase from the use of a Belgravia Centre treatment course, but as you say, the extent varies from person to person. Any results from treatment should always be seen as successful, ranging from hair loss stabilisation to vast amounts of regrowth; remember that everybody who uses treatment would most likely be a lot worse off a few years down the line had they not.

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