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‘Can Caffeine Prevent Hair Loss?’


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Name: Frank

Question: There are a few studies being published regarding caffeine’s effect on blocking DHT topically. As I know the centre keeps up to date with all major breakthroughs, what is your opinion on topical caffeine as a method to prevent hair loss/regrowth potential?

receding hairline widows peak men's hair thinning autumn coffeeAnswer: In January 2008 a study was carried out and published in the International Journal of Dermatology. The study involved hair follicles being removed from balding men and cultured (artificially grown) in a lab. All the follicles were exposed to testosterone and some were also exposed to caffeine. The hair growth from follicles exposed to testosterone was significantly reduced (as is the case with follicles affected by Male Pattern Hair Loss) whereas not only did caffeine seem to prevent testosterone from negatively affecting hair growth, but it also stimulated growth of the hair.

Many products have used this evidence to develop products for hair loss, one well-known one being the heavily-marketed Alpecin shampoo. The conditions in place for the clinical study were very different to the conditions when applying a shampoo to the scalp and there is no evidence that indicates the levels of caffeine contained in Alpecin, which is applied externally to the scalp, will have any beneficial effects on hair growth whatsoever.

There is no shampoo currently available that has shown reliable clinical evidence of promoting hair growth effects, simply because shampoo is not absorbed enough into the scalp to offer the ability to have any significant effect on the hair follicles. For the same reason it is very unlikely that a shampoo could have an adverse effect on the hair follicles.

Caffeine is sometimes added to hair loss treatments, however, this is an off-label addition and not something that would be found in over-the-counter hair loss products. If you would like details of the high strength minoxidil formulations offered by Belgravia please contact us on 020 7730 6666 or via the Contact Us form, and one of our helpful team will get back to you promptly.

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