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Question: Would you recommend Minoxidil and what if I’m allergic to it?

Name: Dennis

Question: Would you recommend Minoxidil and what if I’m allergic to it?

Answer: Allergies to Minoxidil are very uncommon.  On rare occasions people will experience itchiness or tenderness of the area that the Minoxidil has been applied which will either wear off with continuation of use or once the Minoxidil is stopped.  My advice would be to try Minoxidil if you are worried about hair loss, as it is very unlikely you will be allergic.  In the unlikely event that you were and you had to stop using Minoxidil, alternatives are Propecia, the LaserComb and Hair Vitalics which we would also recommend you use in conjunction with Minoxidil + MPG or Azelaic Acid.

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