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Question: Severe scalp condition


Name: Bodde 

Question: I’m African by origin and I’ve been suffering with an undiagnosed scalp condition since 1995. It initially began with my scalp getting itchy and my skin just falling off endlessly like ground corn upon scratching. The texture of the crust was moist and yellowish in colour. Then the scalp became soaked in a greasy substance and the next stage was the crust piling into mounds of hard plaque. That was followed by my hair thinning rapidly and then falling off to date.

Currently, the top of my scalp is hardened plaque and I’ve lost most of my hair. I recently used some scalp lotions and the hair began to grow again but when I stopped the same condition recurred. What can I do to diagnose the problem?

Answer: This sounds like it could be some kind of infection – Impetigo comes to mind judging by your description.  I would advise you visit your GP as it sounds like something that needs to be treated by a doctor or dermatologist.