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‘Can I Use Crescina With My Male Hair Loss Treatments?’


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Question: I have been reading about a product called Crescina. Is it any good? Can this be used if I am already using finasteride and High Strength Minoxidil, as it also has to be rubbed into the scalp?

Answer: CrescinaCrescina contains two amino acids and a vasodilator (product that increases blood supply in the areas of application). Amino acids are the ‘building blocks’ of protein and the ones contained in Crescina are Cysteine and Lysine. Cysteine is also contained in Belgravia’s hair growth supplement Hair Vitalics‘.

There is no clinical evidence to say that these amino acids will individually help towards stabilising hair loss or promoting hair growth and with regard to the vasodilator contained in the formulation; Minoxidil, which works by opening up potassium channels at the areas of application, is the only vasodilator that has been proven to prevent hair loss and regrow hair and I have read reports of other vasodilators that have been tested but none have been found to have the same or similar effects to Minoxidil. The vasodilator in Crescina is not Minoxidil.

Minoxidil and finasteride 1mg are the two only FDA approved, medically proven treatments for the prevention of genetic hair loss, and the HairMax LaserComb is currently the only FDA cleared, proven device. Used and combined correctly, with individually recommended ‘hair growth supporting products‘, these treatments form the most effective hair loss solutions available and will help to prevent hair loss and regrow hair in most men and women (please note: women cannot use finasteride 1mg).

All in all I would not advise Crescina as a sole treatment for hair loss but it could perhaps be used as an adjunct to the primary MHRA licensed and FDA approved medications (which you are already using).  If you wanted to apply the liquid as well as high strength minoxidil you would have to apply the Crescina and wait about 20 minutes until it is all absorbed into the scalp before applying minoxidil.

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