Bald Patch in My Beard - Could This be Alopecia and Could it Spread?'

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Question: I have had a bald patch in my stubble for around 1 year. It is around 1 cm in diameter. There is no associated skin condition.  I think (it is hard to tell!) another bald patch has developed - this is only 5mm diameter - in my stubble. Is this alopecia? Assuming it is alopecia, can this spread to my scalp and what are the chances of me losing all of my head hair?

Alopecia Areata Barbae - Bald Patches in the BeardAnswer: The condition that you have sounds like Alopecia Areata Barbae or Alopecia of the beard.

Alopecia of the beard is often referred to as a herald patch, meaning it's possible that it could spread to other areas such as your scalp. Bear in mind though that it's common for people to experience patches of Alopecia Areata without the patches progressing. I'd say in the great majority of cases it will not progress to the extent of total hair loss and much of the time the hair will grow back on its own.

Your GP may be able to prescribe a steroid based cream that could help grow back the hair.  Here at the Belgravia Centre we are only permitted to prescribe treatments for the scalp.

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