fbpx Question: My son has a bald patch – could it be Alopecia Areata?
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Question: My son has a bald patch – could it be Alopecia Areata?


Name: Vikki Wheatley 

Question: I have a 2 and a half year old little boy, last night someone pointed out that he had two slight balding patches on the back of his head. I’ve checked them and they are bald with a few blond bits coming out. He has a had a patch for a while that just looked fair, as he has dark hair I just thought his colour was changing but when I looked at it last night it seems that the hair has gone and it’s just the rest of his hair covering it up that makes it look fair. So now he has two patches – the second has just appeared. We have no hair loss in the family history and he has no allergies. Could it be anything else except for alopecia? All I can think of are these two patches and I can’t get him to the doctors until Monday, I’m quite upset.

Answer: It sounds possible that the hair loss could be due to Alopecia Areata.  If it is, it’s likely that the hair will grow back on its own but I am afraid nothing can be done in the way of treatment for a child of this age.  I advise you to visit your GP.