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Question: My sister has bald patches – what can you recommend?


Name: Marie Ward 

Question: my sister has bald patches on her head, her doctor has given her Nizoral shampoo – I looked it up on the net it says it’s for dandruff?? What do you recommend please?

Answer: You are correct – Nizoral is for dandruff, I am unsure why this has been recommended for patchy hair loss.  Your sister would need an accurate diagnosis before seeking any treatment.  It sounds like the condition could be Alopecia Areata by what you explain but there are a number of possible diagnoses.

If your sister would like to arrange a consultation with a trichologist (free) please contact the centre by phone on 020 7730 6666 or click on the ‘contact us’ link at the top of the page to email us.  Alternatively if she is unable to visit she can complete our ON-LINE DIAGNOSTIC FORM.  Following submission of the form a treatment advisor will call your sister to discuss her diagnosis and possible treatment options.

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