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Question: Is treatment ongoing?


Name: M Mir

Question: What is the length of the treatment and does it have to be ongoing even after the hair has grown back?

Answer: The required duration of treatment depends on the hair loss condition a person is experiencing.  If the condition is Male or Female Pattern Hair Loss then treatment needs to be used as long as you wish to keep your hair.  Once treatment is stopped the hair will continue shedding at the rate it was before using treatment.

For conditions like Telogen Effluvium or Diffuse Thinning treatment can be stopped if the hair is restored, depending on the person’s individual condition and whether or not the underlying cause of the hair loss has been cleared up (i.e. illness / stress etc.).

For Alopecia Areata, if the hair grows back treatment can be stopped once the user is satisfied with results.  If patches appear in the future treatment can be re-started.

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