Question: Is my hair loss due to dying my hair or is it hereditary?

Posted by Leonora Doclis

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Jenny Walmsley 

Question: When I was a little girl my hair was reasonably thick.  I have been dying my hair now for 14 years and am beginning to lose my hair rapidly and even getting bald patches in places. But my mum doesn't dye her hair and she has very little. Is it because i dye it too much or is it hereditary, and apart from stopping dying it what can i do to make it grow back?

Answer: Dying the hair can reduce the quality of the hair and cause hair breakage.  However, this affect will not cause new hair to be thinner unless of course the new hair that grows through is dyed and the process begins again.

If damage is purely related to dying of the hair then if you leave your hair to grow without dying it you should find that its quality returns to normal.

It does however in your case sound to me like the hair thinning may be for another reason such as female pattern hair loss (in the case of general thinning) and/or alopecia areata (in the case of patchy hair loss).  We would require more information in order to accurately diagnose your problem and recommend an effective course of treatment to increase your hair density and prevent further thinning.

I would advise you visit the centre for a consultation which is free and takes around 30-40 minutes.  You can arrange a consultation by MESSAGING THE CENTRE or calling us on 020 7730 6666.  Alternatively, if you are unable to get to our London centre you can complete our ON-LINE DIAGNOSTIC FORM following which you will be contacted by a Belgravia treatment advisor.

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Posted by Leonora Doclis

In this article: Hair Loss ANSWERS