fbpx Question: Is my hair loss caused from picking my dandruff?
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Question: Is my hair loss caused from picking my dandruff?


Name:  Lisa 

Question:  I started to have thin hair around the age of puberty. I would continually pick my dandruff, eventually the thinning spread from my crown to overall thinning of the hair. I’ve had thin hair now for 7 years, do you think the picking of the dandruff caused to widespread thinning? I have lost hope in fixing my problem as i have had it from such an early age. My belief is that the hairs have come out of the root. Is this possible? My grandma also had this problem, what are the chances that i could be cured with Belgravia.

Answer:  It’s a possibility that continually picking an area of dandruff could cause hair loss in that area but unlikely that this would cause hair loss spread over the head.  As the hair loss came about at puberty it is likely that this is a genetic condition or something related to hormones – if it is restricted to the area at the top of the head then it is most likely genetic, if it’s all over the top as well as the sides and back there’s probably another cause.  We would advise an examination – there are treatments available for each of these conditions but you would initially require a diagnosis.

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