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Question: Is Minoxidil 5% more effective than Minoxidil 2% for women?

Question: There seems to be some conflicting advice regarding whether Minoxidil 5% is more effective for women than Minoxidil 2%. Can you clarify whether women can expect better results with the stronger solution or whether it is no more effective than the 2%.

Answer: Although we have never prescribed Minoxidil in a 2% concentration, we used to prescribe it in a 3% concentration (now we prescribe Minoxidil 4% (+MPG), Minoxidil 5% (+MPG) and Minoxidil 12.5% (+ Azelaic Acid)).

We find that increasing the dose of Minoxidil improves the rate of stabilisation and regrowth.  Most women who require treatment will be prescribed Minoxidil 4% + MPG or Minoxidil 5% + MPG depending on their suitability and the success rate is very high.  A small number of women may also use minoxidil cream and although the regrowth rate is excellent, the chances of growing excess facial hair can be increased with this product.

There was a double-blind study carried out in 2002 that proved 5% Minoxidil is more effective for women with Female Pattern Hair Loss than 2% Minoxidil.  Here are details of the study – http://www.eblue.org/article/PIIS0190962203043172/abstract.

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