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Question: Is it true that one can develop a tolerance to Propecia?

Question: Is it true that one can develop a tolerance to Propecia? Despite regrowth at the initial stages of use (the first few years), I have read that Propecia can only slow the rate of hairloss in the long term (10+ years)?

Answer: Propecia is effective for as long it is taken but response varies from person to person. In many cases regrowth is achieved during the first few years and then the Propecia will keep the hair density stable for as long as it is taken. There are also men who may still notice a very gradual thinning over the space of years. These men are still better off taking Propecia as their hair loss would have been a lot more rapid without treatment.

The best way to ensure maximum regrowth and minimum thinning is experienced over time is to combine Propecia with the other proven treatments and certain boosters as part of a monitored treatment programme.  You can find out more here – HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS.

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