fbpx Question: Is it possible to get a hair transplant from a donor other than myself?
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Question: Is it possible to get a hair transplant from a donor other than myself?


Question: I have read a lot about hair transplantation. My problem is that the hair thinning is all over my head. So having my back head as a donor is not an good idea. Is there transplants done from donors other than myself. Like a relative or artificial lab made hair.

Answer: If your hair loss is spread over the whole scalp it is most likely caused by a condition other than Female Pattern (Genetic) Hair Loss.  Not only does this mean that a hair transplant would not be effective (as the hairs around the side and back of the head are vulnerable unlike with genetic hair loss and will still shed once transplanted to the top), but there is a chance that the condition can be cured if the underlying cause is dealt with.

With regard to the idea of using hair from a donor other that yourself – this is something that is not possible but there has recently been a breakthrough in regards to cloning of the hair.  You can find a little more information on this in a previous blog story, but this is something that is in the very early testing stages and if found to be successful would not be introduced for at least 10 years – HAIR LOSS CURE.

My advice would be to seek a diagnosis for your hair loss condition and find out what can be done in the way of treatment to prevent further hair loss and what can be done in the way of lifestyle to deal with the underlying cause.

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