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Question: Is it harmful to take Propecia if you are taking steroids?

bald bodybuilderName: Ian

Question: How long does Propecia stay in our system when you have stopped taking the daily tablet? And is it harmful to take Propecia if you are taking steroids?

Answer: Propecia leaves your body very quickly. It has a half-life of about 7 hours which means each 7 hours the amount of Propecia in your body reduces by half, so in a few days almost all of the product will be released.

There is no direct contra-indication between steroids and the Propecia tablet but there can be drug interactions unique to the individual. It is best to discuss with your Doctor if it is ok to take steroids alongside Propecia.

Taking steroids presumably for building muscle mass may give you an advantage but it can definitely accelerate hair loss. Taking Propecia to counteract hair loss is very effective but taking steroids as well is counterproductive.

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