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Question: Is a ‘widow’s peak’ the same as hair loss on top?

Receding HairlineName: Tony

Question: I have hair which is receding at the front, forming a ‘widows peak’. Is this type of hair loss the same as people whose hair thins on top?

Answer: Unless we see you in person we can not be sure, but this pattern of hair loss is usually due to a genetic condition called male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness affects the top of the head, usually the hairline (‘widow’s peak’) or the crown, but can sometimes be spread diffusely over the top.

Each pattern is related to the same condition but success for each pattern depends on the treatment used. Propecia is generally most successful for regrowing hair on the crown and is not as successful at preventing or reversing hair loss of the hairline. Belgravia’s trichologists find high strength minoxidil the most effective treatment for regrowth of the hair line.

After treating tens-of-thousands of hair loss sufferers, we find combinations of two or more of the proven treatments to be the most beneficial for overall regrowth.

Here is a recent Belgravia client who achieved superb results for regrowth of his hairline. You can view more photos like these, as well as comments by clients by viewing our HAIR LOSS SUCCESS STORIES.

Before Photo scan - Male Hair Loss   ‘During’ photo scan - male hair loss   During treatment photo scan - male pattern baldness
Month 1                           Month 12                        Month 36

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