fbpx Question: I’m losing my hair – could it be to do with anemia?
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Question: I’m losing my hair – could it be to do with anemia?


Name: Rima

Question:  I have a feeling I’m anemic as I get dizzy quite a lot and seem to have some of the other symptoms.  I have also recently started losing my hair – it’s going thin around the top but not the sides and back.  This is confusing me because I have read on your website that hair loss from another medical condition is spread around the whole head, not just the top – do you think this hair loss could be caused by Anemia or just genetic?

Answer:  The first thing I would say is go and see your doctor about your symptoms – Anemia can be treated quite easily and it should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Anemia can be the sole cause of hair loss (diffusely over the scalp) but can also trigger Female Pattern Hair Loss.  If the hair loss you are experiencing is only around the top of your head then it sounds like this may be the case.  My first advice would be to get to the bottom of your medical problem by visiting your doctor; this will probably help with the hair loss as well as the other symptoms.  If genetic hair loss has been triggered you will still require treatment for the hair loss, and there are effective treatments that could help to stop further hair loss and regrow hair – HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS FOR WOMEN.