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Question: I’m Female and Losing My Hair – Would a Hair Transplant Be Suitable?


Question: Hi. I’m 24yrs old. I’ve always had thin hair, but as time as gone by it has been getting worse, especially since I had my son. It’s hard for me to keep my hair open because it just looks really bad, you can just see my scalp. It’s really annoying because my hair stops me from going out the house, my confidence and self esteem as gone down. I’m thinking of hair transplant because there’s no other way I see for me to have strong and lots of hair.

Answer: Have you tried any forms of treatment? We always advise using a medicated treatment course before having a hair transplant as there’s a good chance of not only stabilising your hair loss, but also regrowing hair. I would advise that you visit the centre for a tricho-check and receive a diagnosis and treatment recommendations – you will also be able to discuss the hair transplant procedure with a Belgravia trichologist who will be able to check your suitability for the procedure and if you are suitable and still wish to take this option, recommend you to our affiliate surgical hair replacement expert.

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