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Question: I’m experiencing hair loss but can not get to your London centre…


Name: Maria Vale

Question: Hi I’m 42 female and have been experiencing hair loss after I wash my hair, I only wash it once a week, it does not seem patchy, but quite a great deal is coming out. I’m really worried about this obviously. My Hair is quite fine and it’s frizzy so I use the Straighteners only once a Week when I go out. I know this can cause hair damage but I’ve used them for Years and obviously lost a little bit but not to this extent!! Are there any branches of your clinic in the North-West, I live in Liverpool, Please Help.

Answer: There are a number of possible reasons for your hair loss but you would need a diagnosis before we could recommend any treatments.  For anyone who is unable to visit the London centre, you can visit Belgravia’s website and complete an on-line diagnostic form.  This form will be submitted instantly to the centre and passed on to a trichologist who will diagnose your condition and recommend a suitable course of treatment that can be sent to your home in a plain package.  You will receive a telephone call from a Belgravia treatment advisor who will discuss your treatment options with you. ON-LINE DIAGNOSTIC FORM

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