fbpx Question: I’m a bald man – can I grow my hair back?
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Question: I’m a bald man – can I grow my hair back?


Name:  Terry

Question:  I’m 35 years of age and have been bald (on the top of my head) since about the age of 29.  Is there anything I can do to get my hair back?

Answer:  Unfortunately there is not much that can be done in the way of treatment for growing back hair in areas of complete baldness.  Once the skin is smooth and no hair is visible regrowth is very unlikely.  The best option for you would be NON-SURGICAL HAIR REPLACEMENT (click for more information).

A hair transplant may also be possible but when it involves such a large area of baldness the hair from the donor area will usually appear thinner due to a lot of hair being removed to be replaced in the area of baldness.

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