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Question: If I stop using treatment what rate will my hair start thinning again?

Name:  Jacob

Question:  I’m using one of your treatment courses, the main medications being Propecia and Minoxidil.  At first I had quite a lot of regrowth and since then (3 years) the hair has stayed pretty much the same thickness.  If I stopped using the treatment, at what rate would my hair begin to fall out again?  Would my hair thickness return to how it would have been had I never used treatment?

Answer:  I’m unsure why you’d wish to stop using treatment if you have responded so well up until now, but if you did, the hair would start from where it left off before you used treatment and again begin to fall out at the same, or perhaps a slightly faster or slower rate depending on your age and the age when you started treatment, and whether or not the amount of DHT in your body has increased or reduced.

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