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‘If I Cut Down My Treatment After 1 Year Will the Regrown Hair be Maintained?’


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Name: Len

Question: If I were to undergo a course of high strength minoxidil to grow hair – could I maintain that growth with finasteride 1mg and or a Laser Comb combination or will the new hair disappear immediately after I stop using the Minoxidil? If the latter is the case… why might this happen?

Answer: Hi, Len. In many cases, cutting down to just one medication may maintain the hair that has been restored from the combination of both medications, but this is something that we usually advise a trial period for. This could be for a period of three to six months or 12 months – it depends on your specific situation.

Everyone can react differently and it depends on many additional factors – including your medical profile and whether you are particularly exposed to any health, environmental or lifestyle triggers which may influence your rate of shedding. It also depends on the pattern and level of hairloss you are currently experiencing.

As such, changing up the components of your hair loss treatment course is best done under the supervision of and with the advice of your doctor, treatment provider or hair specialist. Should the trial period go well, you can obviously continue on your new regimen, but if you start to notice increased shedding, noticeably thinning hair or any other negative changes as a result of this change, you have the option to restart after you have been medically cleared to do so.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that a LaserComb is unlikely to treat hair loss if used on its own. In order to actively treat male pattern baldness we recommend using at least one of the only two clinically proven, MHRA licensed and FDA approved genetic hair loss treatments for men. A low-level laser therapy (LLLT) device, such as the FDA-cleared HairMax LaserComb can be a useful addition to these medications – either/or, or both – as it can help to stimulate the follicles, but we would not recommend trying to maintain regrowth using solely this approach. If you went from using one or two clinically-proven treatments to none, it is likely that shedding of the hair growth you have seen may occur within a few months.

We hope this information is helpful but do urge you to seek personal advice that takes into account your medical history and other factors we cannot discern from the information you have provided here, in order to get the most accurate guide for your specific case of hair loss.

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