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Question: I used to relax my hair and now it’s falling out – what can I do?

Name: Sabrina 

Question: I used to relax my hair with relaxer and now my hair is weak and falling out.  Is there any home treatment I can use?

Answer: Relaxer can deteriorate the quality of your hair and eventually cause breakage.  This should stop once you stop using the relaxer when new, healthy hair has grown through.  If there has been enough time for new hair to grow through since you stopped using relaxer on your hair, there may be another reason for the hair loss.

In either case we would need to have more information in order to recommend a suitable course of treatment if applicable.  So you would need to either visit the centre for a consultation or alternatively complete our on-line diagnostic form (click here to access it).  If you would like to arrange a consultation you can contact us by email (click here) or call 020 7730 6666.

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