fbpx Question: I lost hair 3 months after moving house – will the hair return?
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Question: I lost hair 3 months after moving house – will the hair return?


Name: Nicky 

Question: In July 2006 I moved house. 3 months later, in October I started to notice large amounts of hair falling from all over my head. At its peak, I was counting over 300 hairs per day dropping from my head. During November 2006 I discovered I was pregnant and tried to stop worrying about the hair loss (although found it hard not to worry). The shedding seemed to slow down and by Feb 2007 it seemed to return to normal. The thickness of my hair had reduced by quite a lot and has not yet returned to normal. I have also noticed my parting seems slightly wider and I can see my scalp at the top of my head when I’m under bright light (the hair seems to have thinned quite a lot at the top of my head).
I would like to know if my hair will ever return to normal and I’m also concerned that it didn’t thicken whilst I was pregnant-in fact, seemed to get thinner. Please help!


1. It is likely that the hair loss was caused by a condition called Telogen Effluvium (click on name for more information), probably due to the stress or shock to the system from your house move.

2. Pregnant women generally notice hair shedding and greasy skin clearing up during the second trimester, hence the reason your hair loss stopped.

3. The fact that you say your hair has thinned at the top of your head indicates Female Pattern Hair Loss which could have been triggered from the Telogen Effluvium condition.

It is unlikely your hair will return without using treatment as Female Pattern Hair Loss is an on-going condition.