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Question: I know that DHT causes body hair growth as well as hair loss – why am I losing my hair but my body and facial hair is minimal?


Name: Gary 

Question: It is strange that I have hair recession because I have a very young face for my age – I lack facial hair, for example. As DHT is responsible for beard growth in men as well as hair recession, surely if my DHT levels were normal or high, I would be shaving my facial hair every day as opposed to once a week? Why is it that some men obviously have high DHT levels, as evidenced by extensive facial hair growth and the need to shave their beard regularly, yet they have a very low hair-line with little signs of hair recession? My hair recession does not suit my youthful face.

Answer: Like Male Pattern Hair Loss, body hair growth is related to genetics and the genes that have been inherited from your ancestors (parents / grandparents etc.).  Although people prone to body hair growth are likely to have increased body hair growth if they lose their hair – the two do not always go hand-in-hand.  Yes, they are both related to DHT and caused by DHT receptors but they are separate traits and it is common for a man to go bald but not have their body hair density increase and vice-versa as the DHT receptors on the persons body may be more or less sensitive to DHT than the hair follicle DHT receptors.

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