How Can I Grow Back My Hair Loss from Trichotillomania?'

Posted by Leonora Doclis

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Any Advice for Restoring Hair After Trichotillomania?Question: I have had hair problems for over 10 years. I have have a disorder called Trichotillomania. I have been pull free for 18 months but my hair is still bald in the middle and my husband said he can see scarring. Is there any hope i will have hair again? If so what treatments are available to me? The places were my head is not bald my hair is still not growing and I'm getting split ends all the time, being afro caribbean i still try to grease me hair so why the split ends?

Answer: Hi, Maxine. It's hard to say whether there is any hope of regrowing hair without seeing you in person, or at least seeing photos (you can upload these when completing our Online Consultation if you are unable to visit either of our Central London hair loss clinics for a free consultaiton).

If there has been scarring then there will not be regrowth in these areas as it means the hair follicle has died so there is nothing that hair loss treatment can stimulate. In some instances of scarring a hair transplant can be successful in restoring your hair, however, this is dealt with entirely on a case-by-case basis and is something you would need to speak to a hair restoration surgeon about.

If there are affected areas without scarring, the most likely medication to grow hair back is high strength minoxidil so it could be worth trying this. Provided you are suitable for the medication, you could try following a personalised treatment course featuring this topical cream for a period of about six months to see if any hair grows back. A hair loss specialist would be able to tell you more about the likelihood of seeing regrowth and whether treatment was likely to work so it is worth making an appointment or filling out our online form to discuss your trichotillomania. They will also be able to advise you on dealing with the condition of your hair and split ends which may have a number of causes, ranging from styling damage to nutritional deficiencies.

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Posted by Leonora Doclis

In this article: Hair Loss ANSWERS