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Question: I have Female Pattern Hair Loss – if my daughter inherits the condition, when can she start taking Minoxidil?


Name: Kathy Stewart 

Question: I have suffered Female Pattern Hair Loss since my early twenties. My daughter is 12 and I am concerned that she has inherited the same condition. At what age can she start taking Minoxidil? Also, is female pattern triggered by periods starting or at a later stage?

Answer: There is a chance that your daughter could inherit Female Pattern Hair Loss but it is not definite.  Minoxidil should only be used if there are signs of the condition arising, not as a preventative measure.  It is most likely your daughter would notice increased amounts of hair falling out before any visual thinning is noticeable – this is when she should begin to take Minoxidil.

As long as a young adult is fully sexually developed we can prescribe Minoxidil – usually over the age of 16.  Their suitability will be determined during the consultation.  It is not possible to determine at what exact time a female will begin to lose her hair if she is genetically predisposed to Female Pattern Hair Loss – it will be at some point after the period begins but it could be any time between her mid teens to her 40’s or even later.

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