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Question: I have an iron deficiency which is causing hair loss – is there anything I can do?


Question: I am a 48 year old female and have experienced hair thinning over the last 3 months. I have recently been diagnosed with severe iron deficiency for which I am now on medication. My GP says it will take 4-6 months for this medication to work and after that my hair should stop thinning, but I am unclear as to whether I can expect it to grow back to how it was before or whether it will prevent it thinning any more. Do I need to do anything in the meantime to encourage growth?

Answer: It is definitely possible that the hair loss will stop once your iron deficiency has cleared up.  We usually recommend Minoxidil + MPG for women with this problem, to ensure the hair loss is prevented in the mean-time and restored to it’s maximum potential when the medical problem is cleared up.

More information – MINOXIDIL + MPG

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