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Question: I had Telogen Effluvium 3 years ago but my hair is still falling out…


Name: Andrea 

Question: I have been diagnosed with acute Telogen Effluvium about three years ago now. My hair is now very thin to say the least and still falling out. I think I know why my hair fell out in the first place but cannot understand why it is still falling out. Also, my head is always extremely itchy – I don’t get a flaky scalp or anything just really itchy head. When it is at its worst it tends to make my hairloss worst and I’m starting to think this may be causing the hair loss. I use Nizoral shampoo all the time but this makes no difference. Is there anything you could give me which will make my hair grow?

Answer: There could be a number of reasons for your continued hair loss – the cause of the Telogen Effluvium could be on-going or alternatively the temporary Telogen Effluvium condition that you experienced 3 years ago could have triggered genetic (Female Pattern) hair loss.  The treatment course that we would most likely prescribe would consist primarily of Minoxidil + MPG (ensuring you were suitable for the medication) – this is the medication most likely to stabilise your hair loss and regrow hair.  Obviously you would first need to either carry out a consultation at the centre or complete an on-line diagnostic form from which we could diagnose your condition and recommend a suitable course of treatment.

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