What makes the LaserComb different to other laser devices for hair loss?

Posted by Jonny Harris

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Question: Can you please explain how the laser comb works. And therefore how it differs to laser treatment which requires the larger machines. Is it simply a difference in power?

Answer: I met with Randy Veliky, chief operations officer of HairMax (manufacturers of the LaserComb) not long ago. He informed me that the main difference between the LaserComb and other low power laser machines is that the comb is specially designed to make the most of all the beam shined on the scalp. When your head is placed in a large hood-like laser device, or most other types of laser machines the hair blocks most of the light emitted resulting in minimal effectiveness - as much as 90% of the light can be lost before reaching the scalp. The beams on the HairMax LaserComb are perfectly placed to ensure the hair is parted by the combs before light is shone onto the area. Therefore no light escapes and all of the energy emitted is absorbed by the scalp (and in turn the hair follicles), not the hair.

More information on the HairMax LaserComb and how it works can be found at the following link - LASERCOMB.

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Posted by Jonny Harris

In this article: Hair Loss ANSWERS