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Question: How do hair loss treatments and hair restoration surgery compare?


Name: Geoff

Question: I see your treatments are chemical based but there are hair implants available so how do the two methods of hair restoration compare? And do you provide implants?

Answer: Hair restoration surgery is generally advised for more advanced hair loss than hair loss treatments, but both can work hand-in-hand.

At Belgravia we always advise hair loss treatments as a first attempt at clearing up hair loss and regrowing hair in order to avoid surgery. Successful hair regrowth results are very likely from specially combined treatments as you can see by our hair loss photo-scans.

Should the treatment user not be completely satisfied, a hair transplant can be carried out on areas where hair was not restored by treatment. An examination is required and suitability for surgery depends on a number of factors including the extent of the hair loss.

Belgravia works closely with a hair restoration specialist but a free hair loss consultation is initially required for a diagnosis, treatment recommendations and a hair transplant suitability-check.

Please note: Following a hair transplant it is essential that the hair loss sufferer uses treatments to maintain the hair that is still susceptible to hair loss.

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