fbpx Question: Help… I constantly pull and twist my hair
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Question: Help… I constantly pull and twist my hair


Question:  I’m in need of some help – I constantly pull and twist my hair.  It’s been a habit since I was a kid and it’s almost like an addiction, kind of like biting your nails.  It’s something that’s really worrying me because my hair is being affected by the pulling and I know it sounds stupid but I can’t stop doing it!

Answer:  This sounds like a condition called Trichotillomania which involves constant twisting and tugging of areas of hair and is more common that you may think, be it to different degrees for different people.  It is a habit, or an obsession, that can be hard to give up but there are ways of assisting the process.  More information on TRICHOTILLOMANIA and how to kick the habit.

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