fbpx Question: Have you ever had a patient whose hair started to thin as early as mine?
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Question: Have you ever had a patient whose hair started to thin as early as mine?


Question:  When i started to have thin hair around the age of Eight years old i was not extremely self conscious but i was aware of it. I had acne on my head and grew into a habit of picking at it. I don’t think that my condition has gotten worse over the years but if it has do you think picking at it may have caused it? Also have you ever had a patient who started the thinning of their hair at such an early age as myself? Has the treatment worked for them and is it abnormal for my condition to have started from such an early age?
Thank you

Answer:  I have never heard of anybody beginning to lose their hair at such an early age unless it is related to alopecia areata (patchy hair loss that can lead to complete hair loss).  I have also never heard of a person experiencing acne at such an early age – this is usually a condition that begins at puberty.  There could be a number of reasons for the hair loss – alopecia areata (as explained above), traumatic alopecia caused from the scarring of whatever skin disorder you were experiencing or as a result of pulling on the hair.  I would advise that you either visit the centre for a tricho-check or complete an on-line diagnostic form in order for a Belgravia trichologist to have more information in order to work out the reasons for your hair loss and recommend a suitable course of treatment if applicable.

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