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Question: Hair loss from weaves – can anything be done?


Question: What kind of treatments would you suggest for hair loss in the back of the head from 3 years of very heavy weaves/extensions turned into dreds (originally done to make my hair fuller and disguise a scar from an earlier accident). I tried men’s rogaine for a few months (thought it would work as it’s stronger than women’s) and it caused facial hair growth in spots that I never had before (like around chin, lower face, and a little bit of neck area).

I also have a long scar on the scalp from a bad car accident 7 yrs ago, the worst part of it being at the front which is about the size of a quarter where there’s no hair. Is there anything I can do this many years later to shrink the scar? Hair can not be transplanted too well to old scar tissue like that right?

Answer: It sounds like the hair loss condition you are experiencing is Traction Alopecia. This is caused by long-term pulling on areas of hair until the follicles shrink and eventually become dysfunctional. Minoxidil should be helpful for this. Facial hair growth is an unlikely side effect but is experienced by some women whilst they are on minoxidil – we do however have an FDA approved cream that counteracts this excessive hair growth once applied to the areas.

With regard to your scars – please see this post – http://www.belgraviacentre.com/blog/question-can-you-offer-any-hope-of-hair-recovery-from-scarring-alopecia/.

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