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Question: Hair loss from tying my hair back too tight – can anything be done to grow hair back?

Name: Marina

Question: I used to tie my hair back too tight and plait my hair on to my scalp and my hair fell out round the sides – this was about 6 years ago.  Is there any thing i can use for my hair to grow back?

Answer: The hair loss you are experiencing is known as a condition called TRACTION ALOPECIA (click on the link for more information).  It is caused by excessive force being applied to the hair which damages the hair follicles. The condition can result in permanent hair loss but there are treatments available that can sometimes help to regrow the hair that has been lost depending on the extent of damage to the follicles.

Here are some photographic examples of people who have been treated for traction alopecia – https://www.belgraviacentre.com/gallery?gender=all&condition=Traction+Alopecia&Submit=Show.

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