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Question: Do I have Female Pattern Hair Loss?


Name: Bonita 

Question: I am a 26 years old female, and about two years ago I noticed my hair was falling out more than normal. I put it down to stress (I had recently split with my boyfriend and had been ill with a viral infection). However, the hair loss has continued ever since, and is noticeably worse during and shortly after my period. I used to have very thick hair, but it’s much thinner now, particularly around my temples and hairline. My father is balding, but there is no history of hairloss on my mother’s side, or amongst the women on my father’s side. Tests for thyroid problems and anemia have proven negative and I am not on the contraceptive pill. I also do not have excessive hair growth anywhere else.

Is this likely to be female pattern baldness, or could it be something else?

Answer: There is a strong possibility that your hair loss could be down to Female Pattern Hair Loss.  You can tell if it is genetic by observing whether the hair loss is restricted to the top of the scalp. If the hair thinning is as prominent around the sides and back then Female Pattern Hair Loss is most likely not the cause.  The best way to get an accurate diagnosis would be to either visit the centre for a consultation or complete Belgravia’s on-line diagnostic form.