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Question: Could my hair loss be due to my ferritin level?

Question: I am 46 female and have always had severe bleeding with my monthly period which has been regular so far.  Haemoglobin is 11, serrum ferritin level is 16, b12 and other lab tests including thyroid function are all ok. I have terrible hair loss all over my scalp. Could this be due to my ferritin level?

Women's hair lossAnswer: Your Haemoglobin is on the low side of normal while your Serrum Ferritin level is definitely lower than the recommended level (over 40 for optimum hair growth). This may explain your hair loss if it is as you say, diffusely spread all over the scalp. Hair tends to grow back without intervention if Serrum Ferritin levels are restored to normal, assuming that this is the only cause.

A consultation is definitely recommended so we can assess the pattern and the severity of your hair loss. We also need to eliminate other factors i.e. genetic or pattern hair loss as these types are common among women of your age. You can arrange a consultation by calling the centre on 020 7730 6666, messaging the centre or you can complete our online diagnostic form if you are unable to get to London – this will provide us with all of the information we need to diagnose your condition, following which you will be contacted by a Belgravia treatment advisor.


25th July, 2009 at 11:16 am

Patricia Barnett

Ihave an underactive thyroid ans my tsh is normal now. 2months ago my ferritin level was at 27,it is now at 60 )1 month ago) and i still have hair loss. What could be the reason? thank you.

27th July, 2009 at 3:28 pm


Hi Patricia, It seems there may be other factors invloved in your hair loss, in which case we wouldn’t be able to advise you without knowing more about your medical history and lifestyle etc. I would encourage you to either visit the centre for a free consultation or complete and submit an online diagnostic form so that our specialists may be able to give you accurate advice.

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