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Question: Can women who have had a full hysterectomy take Propecia?

Name: Sheila

Question: I have heard that women who have had a full hysterectomy can take Propecia, I have also read that it does not always work so well for women as men. I would like to know why. Also if you change from using Minoxidil to Propecia will there be any effects?  Would it be ok to take Propecia while on HRT?

Answer: I have read about some trials that have been carried out using a 2.5mg daily dose of Finasteride for women (as opposed to the 1mg dose which is used for males).  Women were either post-menopausal or on the pill in order to prevent pregnancy (Finasteride is known to cause birth defects if high amounts are present during conception or pregnancy).  Positive results with regard to hair loss stabilisation and regrowth were supposedly recorded.

However, this is something that not enough clinical study has been carried out on and there is not enough evidence of safety or efficacy.  As Finasteride is not licensed for treating women with hair loss we would not prescribe it and would not advise any woman to use it.  I would advise you stick to Minoxidil, which is the treatment that provides the greatest chance of regrowth for women.

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