fbpx ‘Can UV light help with Alopecia Areata?’
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‘Can UV light help with Alopecia Areata?’


HairlossANSWERS - Click to Submit Your Query to Our Hair Loss ExpertsName: Sarah

UV Light Treatment for AlopeciaQuestion: Can solariums help with Alopecia Areata i.e. the stand-in ones that have UV light?

Answer: Hi, Sarah. UV light is thought to be beneficial for Alopecia Areata although there is a low success rate for using UV light alone.

We find high strength minoxidil to be the most successful treatment for Alopecia Areata. You can find more information on Belgravia’s Alopecia Areata treatment programmes here, and see examples of the kind of levels of regrowth our clients have experienced from following these in our Success Stories gallery.

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