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‘Can hair loss treatment be used as a preventative measure?’

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Name: Gareth Robinson

Age: 19

Question: I have been experiencing thinning hair since I was 16 and have noticed a slight bald patch on the back of my head. I use thickening shampoo which seems to be helping and I comb my hair a certain way to hide the bald patch, however some of it is still visible. My Father and Grandfather are both bald and told me they started having noticeable baldness by the age of 22 and had completely lost their hair by the age of 30. So it is more than likely I have inherited the same genes as my father.

Can I Use Hair Loss Treatment as a Preventative Measure?My questions are could the medication Propecia and the high strength minoxidil Belgravia is able to offer, be used as a preventative measure so I never have to experience any hair loss? If you passed me in the street you would never think I was bald, however, if you see me 3 years from now you would think differently. Could treatment be started sooner rather than later is what i am trying to get at?

Also could you recommend any better thickening shampoos and conditioners? I heard about Toppik and Couvre hair loss products and would like your professional opinion on them and whether they are worth purchasing.

Any help or advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Hi Gareth.  I am in a very similar hair loss situation to you (yet slightly older).

My Grandfather (on my Mum’s side) was completely bald by his late 20’s. I myself started losing my hair at the age of about 21 – I’d notice it coming out when I put wax in my hair in the morning, and I’d see my hair all over the floor of the shower.  Although I could see my hair coming out, my thinning wasn’t really visible at the time.  I began to use treatment and since then I have had no further thinning – I am now almost 25.

Hair Loss Treatment for Women with Thinning HairIf you are seeing signs of hair loss then absolutely, we would recommend you consult a specialist straight away. They can recommend a personalised male pattern hair loss treatment plan designed to both inhibit further hair fall and promote regrowth. This would act as a preventative measure in terms of keeping further hair loss at bay, whilst helping to restore any hair you have lost already.

We always advise that the earlier hair loss treatment is started, the better; this is because it is almost certain that any shedding will be stabilised, or at least slowed down, and although regrowth is likely, the level of regrowth is different for each person. So, if the hair is visually thin, restoring hair to full thickness is unlikely but it does happen in some cases – you can see real-life examples in our Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment Success Stories.

With regard to thickening shampoos and conditioners, Toppik and Couvre are appropriate but you must realise that these are cosmetic products, not active treatments, meaning they can cosmetically improve the appearance of the hair temporarily but will not prevent the hair from thinning.

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