fbpx Question: Can Minoxidil help naturally thin hair?
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Question: Can Minoxidil help naturally thin hair?


Question: I am a 19 year old female who has a naturally high and wide forehead (about 8cm high). I find it frustrating sometimes, not being able to do certain hairstyles (like a middle part) that will emphasise my high forehead.

I know hairdressers say that bangs will help, but unfortunately they do not work on me, as my hair is thin especially on the top of my head. I’ve also had thin baby hair near my hairline for as long as I can remember. If these baby hairs grew out, they could perhaps add some hair to my hairline. I was wondering whether Minoxidil will help in growing hair at my hairline? I do not want to undergo surgery.

Answer: Minoxidil is an effective solution for hair loss prevention and thickening of hair that has thinned.  Unfortunately there is no evidence to show that it can improve the thickness of naturally thin hair.  I do not however see any harm in trying as it is a possibility that the thin hair may have been thicker in the past – it is difficult to remember how your hair used to look as the process of thinning hair is so slow (even over the space of a few months!).

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