fbpx Question: Can I get treatment from Belgravia if I live in the US?
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Question: Can I get treatment from Belgravia if I live in the US?


Name: Che’ Townsend

Question: Can I get treatment from you if I live in the US?

Answer: Yes you can – many of Belgravia’s patients have never visited our London centre.  All of the hair loss treatment courses that Belgravia offers at the centre are available via our on-line service – all you need to do is complete an on-line diagnostic form.  Once you have submitted the form it will be instantly received at the centre and a trichologist will diagnose your condition and recommend the most effective hair loss treatment course for your condition and stage of hair loss.  You will then be contacted by a Belgravia treatment advisor who will discuss all of your treatment options with you.

Treatments will be sent to you on the next working day in a plain package.

Please visit the following link for Belgravia’s on-line hair loss diagnostic form – HAIR LOSS DIAGNOSTIC FORM

Hair Loss Diagnostic Form
Belgravia’s on-line diagnostic form allows people unable to visit the
London centre to benefit from our effective hairloss treatment courses.