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Question: Can I get my hair back with the Laser Comb?

Name: Raza

Question: Can I get my hair back with the Laser Comb?

Answer: The LaserComb is not a guaranteed solution for hair loss.  Clinical trials show that it is successful in stabilising hair loss and regrowing hair for a high percentage of people experiencing genetic hair loss but this depends on the amount of hair that has been lost and as the individual case – some people can have visually thinning hair and respond with dense thickening and some people’s hair will stabilise.  If you are bald or have very thin hair it is unlikely that your hair will be returned to full thickness.  We recommend a combination of Propecia (men only) and Minoxidil + MPG or Azelaic Acid for best results.

The Laser Comb is usually recommended as a booster to these treatments and is currently being offered free with most of Belgravia’s hair loss treatment courses.  The combination of these three treatments as part of a treatment course will ensure the highest chances of hair regrowth.

Take a look at our photo-scans for an idea of the kind of results people see from Belgravia’s treatment courses – BELGRAVIA PHOTO SCANS.

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