fbpx Question: Can eczema lead to baldness?
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Question: Can eczema lead to baldness?


Name: Angela

itchy scalpQuestion: I am 60 and female. I had a hysterectomy at 46 and am on 1mg estradiol per day (HRT). For the last 2 winters I have had eczema on my head and this year I have just noticed, where the itchiest patch is, that I now have a balding area. Generally my hair does fall out though I have all over evidence of new growth (apart from this area) but my hair is very fine and feels and looks thin. All advice gratefully received!

Answer: Eczema of the scalp rarely leads to hair loss. Constant excoriation or injury to the area however, may lead to scarring that can explain the hair loss on the particular area. Our best advice for this would be to somehow get rid of the itching which would involve treating your eczema. For this you would need to contact your GP or a dermatologist. If you require any further help or advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

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