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Question: Can Bromine cause hair loss and what can I do about it?


Question: I am currently on a Navy Vessel where the water is treated with bromine. I am losing more hair than is normal for me each day and my scalp is itchy. Is there something I can do to stop this abnormal hair loss? I have to endure this ship water for another month.

Answer: It’s most likely the hair loss is due to another condition (probably Male Pattern Hair Loss).  The only thing I would suggest is beginning a treatment course because this is the only thing that will stop your hair loss.  Obviously this is difficult if you are currently at no address but I don’t think any significant or noticeable hair loss will be experienced in the next month.  When you get time please complete an on-line diagnostic form (see last post for more information on the diagnostic form) or alternatively give the centre a call on 020 7730 6666 or click on the ‘contact Belgravia’ link in order to arrange a free consultation for when you get back. DIAGNOSTIC FORM … CONTACT BELGRAVIA

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