fbpx Q&A: Is Visible Skin on Crown the Early Stages of Hair Loss?
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Q&A: Is Visible Skin on Crown the Early Stages of Hair Loss?


Name: Dave

Question: Beside the crown of my hair/head there appears to be slightly visible skin when I push my hair back. Is this the early stages of hair loss?

The Norwood Scale shows how Male Pattern Hair Loss progresses.Answer: This sounds like the early stages of Male Pattern Hair Loss. Thinning on the crown and visible scalp when you push the hair up usually means that dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is affecting the hair follicles causing hair growth to slow. Male Pattern Hair Loss follows various stages, as shown on the Norwood Scale (see diagram to the right). The good news is that treating it in the early and mid-stages means that you can retain optimum hair growth.

I would suggest you have a consultation to confirm that it is Male Pattern Hair Loss. This will also allow you to explore treatment options. To book an appointment at the clinic, call 020 7730 6666 or message the centre. For a consultation via the website, submit the online diagnostic form with photographs of the affected area(s) and a treatment advisor will contact you over the next two working days.

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