Q&A: Is it Ok to Relax Hair Soon After Giving Birth?



It is safe to relax hair soon after giving birth, as long as you leave chemicals on for recommended time, however over-processing the hair will lead to dry and brittle hair. This means the hair is likely to break and hair loss is more likely to occur.Question: I am a black Caribbean lady who has just had a baby 5 weeks ago. Is it ok to relax my hair now or should I wait a few months?
Answer: If you used to relax your hair regularly, it should be perfectly fine to relax your hair now even though you had a baby 5 weeks ago. As you probably know, once you start relaxing the hair, it must be done regularly to prevent breakage on the point of natural growth and the relaxed hair. You simply need to take the usual precaution such as not leaving the chemical on the hair longer than the recommended time. Overprocessing the hair can lead to hair breakage though, so it is important to use products suited for your hair type and monitor the condition of the hair. Using chemicals too often can result in weak and brittle hair which in turn makes a person more susceptible to hair loss

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