Q&A: How Can I Protect My Hair & Scalp From Hair Relaxer?



Over time some people can develop an allergic reaction to their hair relaxer.Question: Hi there, I'm writing this to ask advice from a hair expert. My problem is like this. I have very strong hair from my childhood time and I started to use a hair relaxer for about 2 years and I'm still using it. However, I'm getting worried now because it might have a side effect to my scalp, as I'm using it continously. I'm really looking for expert adivce as regard to how I can protect my hair and scalp and also avoid using these materials. I would be so thankful if you can help me.

Answer: The use of a hair relaxer does not usually harm the scalp as much as chemical hair dyes and perming solutions would do. However, allergic reactions can develop over time even if a person has used the same brand for many years.

If you feel that you might be reacting to the chemicals then it is safer to simply stop using the product. As long as the product comes into contact with the scalp, you cannot protect your scalp from the chemicals. Barrier creams applied to the scalp will help to minimise exposure to the chemical but this will not protect the scalp completely.

I would advise you to check with your hairdresser to ensure that it is safe to continue using the relaxer. Your hairdresser should also be able to discuss styling alternatives with you. If you are concerned about the damage already done to your hair then a hair supplement may help to provide nourishment to the scalp and strengthen the hair. If the condition of your hair deteriorates, and you are concerned about hair loss, please get in touch with the Belgravia Centre for a free consultation.

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